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Dominican Cigars

Cigars are a great alternative to cigarettes, and many individuals still enjoy smoking cigars. This can be a great pastime and many long-time cigar smokers enjoy collecting cigars such as Dominican cigars which are known to be very flavorful. here's some of the more popular Dominican cigars that you might enjoy. Cigars in the Dominican Republic include Dominican tobacco, but they also include tobacco from other places in the world. This allows the cigars to be bolder and more flavorful as well as well-rounded. The Dominican Republic can be considered one of the most prominent countries for creating cigars, the world of cigars will get even better once Cuba has more trade with the United States and allows more of their tobacco to come into the country. This could be considered a golden age for those that love a good cigar. Here's some of the more popular Dominican cigars that you might want to try.


Zino Platinum Z-Class 550 R

This is one of the most sought-after Dominican cigars. It has fillers from both Honduras as well as Nicaragua. there's a heavy spicy Sweetness in this cigar. There are also some Peruvian binders in the cigar which even out the burn of the cigar and add some spice to the flavor. The cigar is wrapped with Dominican tobacco and this mellows out the cigar into a great and enjoyable smoke. If you want to get into Dominican cigars, this would be one that you should try.


Arturo Fuente Opus X Angel’s Share Toro

The Opus XIs a very high-class cigar but it doesn't cost a huge Fortune. Many people around the world today are looking for this cigar. Mini best of cigar lists includes this because it's considered one of the best cigars that have ever been made. The best part about the cigar is it's only blended with Dominican tobacco. It has a flavorful aged sun-grown wrapper and it's a very flavorful cigar from the Dominican Republic. If you want to experience one of the world's better cigars, I would pick this one up as it's an excellent smoke that you're going to enjoy.


La Aurora PreferidosCorojo Gold Edition

This is considered to be an Ultra Premium cigar so you're getting a great to smoke with this one. The cigar may look quite mild but it's very full blooded and has great strength to it. You should take this one slow because there is a lot of tobacco in this slow-burning cigar. There's both Brazilian tobacco Dominican tobacco, and some from Cameroon in this smoke. There's also a Dominican Criollo wrapper. This cigar is very smooth with a lot of flavor and it's going to be one that you'll enjoy.


Davidoff Puro D’oroDeliciosos

This cigar is the favorite among many individuals. The cigar goes to great quality control and superb construction to make a very high-quality cigar. This cigar uses will age tobaccos from all over the Dominican Republic and the cigar has a lot of flavor to it. It's been rolled in a Cuban traditional pigtail cap and features a Davidoff proprietary Yamasa wrapper. If you're looking for a cigar with a lot of flavor to it, this is one that you're going to love.

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