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Larimar from the Dominican Republic

One of the world's most extremely in rare gemstones is called Blue Pectolite or Larimar. This gem can only be found in one area of the world. The area is quite inaccessible and mountainous. You'll find it in the Dominican Republic in the province of Barahona. The stone was first mentioned in 1914, but the stone really didn't make a major appearance until 1974.  Here's a little bit more about Larimar stone.

About Larimar

In 1974 a Dominican by the name of Miguel Méndez and a US Peace Corps member by the name of Norman Rilling, found a piece of Larimar on the seashore. The name was created by Mendes. He used the word for sea, Mar which is Spanish and the name of his daughter Larissa to create the word Larimar to name the new stone.

Before the two found the stone the ancestors of the area had been aware of it. Some early theories say that the stone was produced by the sea and then the volcanic movements of the Earth created the stone later on. Some of the legends on the island say that the stones could be collected on the beach, but that one day the stones could no longer be found. They say that the locals went and explored of stream and then found a rock formation which seemed to be the source of the stone. This Legend appears to be correct because in 1974, Rilling and Mendez went upstream from a river and found the source of the blue stone.

Soil erosion caused some pieces of the stone to break off and in the rainfall move them down the slopes to the rivers and the hillsides. The rivers then took the stones and deposited the stones in the Caribbean Sea. From the action of the waves, some of them ended up on the seashore.

Stone Formation and Use

Hot gases will push crystallized minerals, and these go up through volcanic tubes. During this process, the stone is formed. For the stone to be evacuated in mind the stone miners need to find these tubes and identify them. They need to dig too deep into old volcanoes. The stone is mainly used to make beads, handles on cabinets, and various decorative objects.

Other individuals consider the stone Larimar to be a healing stone. They say the stone is very finely tuned to certain areas of the body especially the throat. They say that the stone improves communication skills, speech, and supports the healing processes of the body. The stone has a very beautiful blue color and it's often said to embody the various blue colors of the sky and the sea that we find in the Caribbean. It's often called the Caribbean Gem due to its appearance and its origin from that area. If you travel around in the area, you'll find a stone in many different stores throughout the Caribbean region.


Larimar Is a very popular stone you'll find in the Caribbean, but it is still quite rare. This Stone has a very beautiful blue color and you'll find it in many stores throughout the Caribbean to take home with you as a keepsake.

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