The Caribbean is a diverse region that has much to offer you. It's full of lush rainforests, sunny beaches, mountains, and it's a great tourist destination. This area gets plenty of sunshine with over 340 days per year getting sunshine on average. Here's some facts about the Caribbean that you might not realize.

James Bond Started in the Caribbean

When James Bond author Ian Fleming was in Jamaica during World War II, he decided that this island was going to be the place for him. After the war, he bought himself a house in Jamaica where he decided to spend a lot of his time swimming and writing books. From this Caribbean island he created the James Bond character that we have all come to love. There's a hotel in Jamaica that has the name of one of his famous books called Goldeneye and this hotel was once Fleming's house.

Saba Runway

On the island Saba, you'll find the shortest commercial runway on the planet. This Runway is just 396 meters long. the runway is flanked by Rocky Cliffs and water and it's not a place to land for everyone. It takes a bit of skill to land at this runway and it's almost like landing on an aircraft carrier due to the small amount of room you have to land your aircraft.

Robinson Crusoe

The island of Tobago was an inspiration for the novel Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe. in this novel, there's a sailor that washed up on a tropical island after shipwreck. Here he runs into captives, mutineers, and cannibals. Today, you'll find amazing beaches here, great waterfalls, and greet snorkeling.

Trinidad Chili Peppers

In Trinidad, you'll find one of the world's hottest chili peppers.  This pepper is called the moruga scorpion chilli and it's native to this area. This is not the world's hottest chili pepper but it's pretty close. this chili pepper is so hot that it has a heat level of more than 2 million Scoville units on the heat scale so it's a very hot pepper and one you'll probably not want to consume unless you have a very strong will and stomach.

The Only Trip ForGeorge Washington

In America, only one in five individuals who gets to travel abroad. This was the same case for George Washington, America's famous leader. This is the only foreign destination that George Washington visited. This American leader went to Barbados and it's the only place that he ever visited outside of the continental United States.

Drive-In Volcano

In St Lucia, there's a drive-in volcano. This area is known as Sulfur Springs and this volcano last erupted late in the 18th century. There's still boiling and bubbling mud here as well as steaming sulfur in the volcanoes Hot Springs. This is a very interesting area for tourists to visit.

These are just some of the interesting areas that you can go to in the Caribbean to visit. This area is quite popular with tourists and you'll have a lot of fun while you visit the Caribbean. This area is more interesting than you might realize and it's the perfect place to take your next trip with your family.